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Candy Apples

It’s well and truly Fall now and that can only mean one thing – all the fun of the fair will be arriving into states across the country soon enough. Aside from the dizzying, terror-inducing rides, the fairground brings with it a whole host of culinary delights that you just don’t seem to see anywhere else.

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Sausage casserole

Leftovers from previous meals? Veggies in the fridge that need using up? Instead of them going to waste, try them in this one-pot casserole for an easy and wholesome dinner. Pretty much any meat and veggie combination works well, so it’s simply a case of seeing what needs eating up.

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Apple tart

Love desserts but hate baking? Well, this apple tart is a fantastic cheat treat that requires minimal effort and still looks the part. You can even rename it to tarte aux pommes if you want to make it sound extra fancy!

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