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Mint chocolate mousse

If chocolate is the food of love, then this double chocolate mint masterpiece is surely the ultimate romance. Comprising rich milk chocolate spiked with a delicate peppermint flavor and a generous dollop of white chocolate ganache, for us, personally, it’s a love affair of epic, Romeo and Juliet-style proportions.

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Yoghurt and cucumber salad dressing

We end our detox series with (what we think are) some wise words: don’t fall victim to the idea that all salads are healthy. If they’re drowned in a hugely calorific dressing, it sort of defeats the whole point of eating those leafy greens and that carefully grilled lean meat in the first place.

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Roquefort salad

A salad like no other, the Roquefort will rock your world in just one mouthful. The penultimate recipe in our detox series sees sweet, sticky pears marry up with the sharp tang of blue cheese to produce a flavor combination that really shouldn’t work but just does.

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